We’re really excited to announce Paydro 2: our best version of Paydro yet. We redesigned the shop, simplified the user roles and added extra ways to promote your event so you will sell more tickets. Our main goal was to make it even easier for you to manage your events and create a beautiful shopping experience for your attendees.

Redesigning Paydro

We want the event experience to start before your event begins. We replaced the fullscreen background image with a subtile grey color and turned the header image into a big cover photo. Combined with a touch of your personal highlight color you’ll bring your shop to life. And your tickets will look just as gorgeous.

Design upgrade for you current events

We’ll automatically upgrade the design for all of your open event shops. You don’t have to do anything to enjoy the improved shop.

Reinventing the way you manage the shop

We want you to see what your customers see when managing your tickets. To put it differently, you manage your shop directly inside your shop. Your ticket inventory, payment settings and design options are combined in one comfortable screen.

Bye bye lengthy forms, welcome ease of use.

New shop links

The old subdomain/shop link setup was a bit too complicated. You could choose a subdomain per event or add multiple events to the same subdomain. This is now simplified with just one subdomain per organisation. Don’t worry, all you current/old shop link will continue working.

As an added bonus you now have one overview of all your upcoming events. Designed in the same great look and feel as your shops. Perfect for cross-selling your events.

Sell your tickets anywhere

One of our biggest requests: can we sell tickets directly from our site? Now, you can, by adding a couple lines of html code to your website. We’ve made sure your customers still get the secure Paydro shopping experience, without leaving your site.

Taking sharing to the next level

One of the key things in selling your event, is promotion. In the last version of Paydro you could only promote your event by spreading the given shop link. It worked, but we figured that we needed some additional copy & paste widgets which you can easily implement on your site. We came with a sweet interactive widget which triggers the user to ‘play’ with it and click through. Most of our widgets are redesigned this way and we will add some others in the next months.

A ton of social
  • Besides the widgets we went all out with social. Without going too technical, we’ve made sure, every share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn has maximum impact. Any tweet will have your cover foto in it, and Google will find your event.
Stuff we didn’t mention
  • Create a short list of your favourite events
  • Easily invite new team members
  • New team member roles: Owner, manager and sales
  • Pre flight check list to help you create the perfect event shop
  • New customisable shop link
  • Real time dashboard of your turnover and registrations
  • Compare current sales to your previous events with a scoring index.
  • Mobile friendly shop and self service desk
  • Easier to use Magic Fields, to customise the mail templates
  • Real time page for your affiliates to track their efforts.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Tel: 085 888 2 888 or arjen@paydro.com

Oh! And we are also hiring.

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