Recently we’ve launched a new product within Paydro called Paydro Survey with which every event organizer can easily collect feedback from their attendees. This way you can find out how your event scored and what can be improved for next year.

The possibilities

Paydro Survey makes it possible to create and send out your survey within a couple of minutes. With the survey your attendees can rate 10 aspects of your event and give additional feedback. Completing the survey only takes a few minutes which helps receiving a high response!

One of the important aspects of the survey is the Net Promotor Score question. With this question you can easily learn if an attendee will recommend your event and what the motive is behind the answer of the NPS question. This is important information for your organisation to make the event even better next year.

The reason behind Paydro Survey

“It’s amazing to bring attendees together, inspire them and build relationships. The opinion of your attendees are a chance to keep improving your events. There will always be something that you did not notice during the event, which was annoying for your attendees. With our new Survey tool you can easily find out what your attendees liked and what they did not like, and it’s also completely free of use.” Arjen Schat, CEO & Founder of Paydro.

With the survey tool, Paydro is getting closer to a total solution that helps organizers organise, sell and manage their events. The purpose is to prevent stress en problems whilst organising an event.

Creating a Paydro Survey account is completely free and can be done via If you already have a Paydro account then you can start creating your first Paydro Survey right away. Feel free to contact us directly with your feedback via +31 085 888 2888 or reach out to

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