After introducing new options and features all year we received lots of feedback from our users, and we want to thank you for it! You help us improve and that’s what we’re all about. It became evident that navigating Paydro and using all possibilities became more difficult. We fixed this with our new update.

A new navigation bar

Starting 19th of august you will see a new navigation bar when you log in. The main navigation is simplified and shows you all your events, sales and online shops. We refined the sub-navigation at the event page by focusing on the most used features. These are restructured and grouped more logical manner and are easier accessible. The labels now also describe better what each tab does. The tab ‘Events’, however, is unchanged, still showing you an overview of all your events to check them out and edit if necessary.

Main changes are:
  • The ‘Tools’ tab which brings you all promotional tools such as emails, widgets and the ticket scanner.
  • Promocodes’ and ‘Discounts’ can now be found at the ‘Ticket shop’ tab.
  • ‘Surveys’ and ‘Reports’ are moved to the account page.
  • And of course a pretty new color change to make the whole interface feel more Zen.
NEW! A convenient ‘to do’-list

Our new ‘to do’-list tells you which features you can use to improve your shop. Not all features are mandatory to use when you open a shop, however, you might have missed some great ones. The ‘to do’-list gives you a great overview of your actions as well as tips for improvement. Clicking a specific item on the list will bring you directly to the right place to add the information.

With these new features we made Paydro that much easier to navigate. If you are lost because of the new navigation, have any questions or want to give us feedback you can contact us via +31 085 888 2 888 or reach out to You can also use the chat on the website to directly talk with us (bottom right at We gladly want to help you and love to hear what you think of the new features.

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