What is not new in Paydro 2

Even though a lot seems new in Paydro 2, you’ll find it very familiar. The underlying basics haven’t changed much, like organising events and how Paydro supports these. Except for some small design touch ups.

Features we have removed
  • The combined event shops on a specific subdomain.
  • Ticket design settings page. In the new design the company logo & event cover photo are used.
  • The Accept terms of service checkbox for your customers. The terms are still linked on the check out page.
  • Event specific team member permissions.
The additions
  • Favorite events, create a visual short list of the events you spend the most time on.
  • Cover photo for a grand design for your event shop.
  • The highlight color to bring your website design and shop together.
  • Sell-on-your-site widget. No more linking to us, you can sell directly from your site.
  • All the social sharing actions and more.
  • A new way to set up permissions for your team members
    • The admin, the one who can do it all.
    • The managers, who can change everything except organisation & team members settings.
    • The sales agent, who can’t edit or add events, but can set up tickets and sell out your events. :-)
  • Easy user invite, you don’t have to create a whole new user any more with password, just add the first name and email address.
  • A revamped, organisation wide overview with all your upcoming events.
  • A new interactive wizard and pre-flight check list to make it easier to launch your new event shop.
    • Adding a new event is a process of many steps. You have to enter quite a bit of information to get started. To make this easier, we are introducing a 3 step wizard to add the most important information for you event.
    • Next Paydro shows the interactive shop, where you can add tickets, change the design and most other settings. To help you complete your shop, we’ve added an interactive pre-flight check list, as quick reminder of things you could do to make your shop better.
    • Once you are satisfied, we’ll guide you through the whole shopping experience. Just like your customers would see it. If you like what you see, you can launch your shop with a few clicks.
    • Just keep clicking on the big-green-next-button and before you know it you’ll feel like a Paydro superhero. :-)
  • The customisable shop link. You can now choose your own shop link name, which is great for SEO.
What is moved

It is still there, just in a location that makes more sense.

  • Changing the status of your shop is moved to the dashboard, instead of a separate settings page.
  • The text you can add to your shop pages, is moved to the shop itself, instead of the status page.
  • The event duplication action is moved to the dashboard. Please choose the event you’d like to duplicate first.
  • Per event Terms of Service, these can be changed on Organisation level. All these pages are combined into one page, the interactive shop editor:
    • Event information
    • Shop design
    • Administrating your tickets
    • Financial settings
    • Google Analytics
    • Checkout pages
    • Shop & Language settings

Thank you again for using Paydro. We hope you’ll like the new version as much as we do.

*If you have any questions give us a call + 31 (0)85 888 2 888 or mail at arjen@paydro.com**

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