A month ago we launched Paydro 2, a complete redesign with some new features to create an even better experience for organizing your events. We would like to thank you all for the feedback.

Full support in Dutch

Paydro admin system is now fully available in Dutch. Paydro admin system is now fully available in Dutch. If you prefer Dutch, go to your account and change your language.

Logo on shop

It is important to make customers feel comfortable when they buy tickets online. By just adding your logo, you can boost your trustworthiness. That’s why we added the company logo automatically to your event info on the shop. To do so, you don’t have to do anything, just make sure you’ve uploaded your company logo.

Pay by invoice country restrictions

A common choice to make is whether to accept invoice payments or not. This is especially the case for international events. Companies forgetting to pay invoices on time or not paying at all can cause great hassle, on top of this it’s time consuming. This is why you can now disable invoice payments for foreign countries.

Some more things..
  • The filters are back (all | open | concept | closed) on your events overview page. On the shop edit page the number of sold tickets is shown.
  • Add a company wide reference number to keep track of the payouts between your events / organisations.

We’d love to hear from you on how Paydro can improve to help you organise your events better. Feel free to contact us directly with your feedback via +31 085 888 2888 or reach out to arjen@paydro.com.

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