Attendee checkin with the Scanner API

With the Paydro Scanner API you can integrate the attendee checkin with your own systems.

You can use the Scanner API in two ways:

  1. In conjunction with the interface to automatically print badges on checkin, except you're create a different kind of scan interface with this API.
  2. A simple checkin/checkout interface to integrate with your current system.


Private call:[event-id]/acs/checkins.json.

This is a private call. Read the introduction for more information about authenticating private calls.

To start using the Scanner API in conjunction with page, you'll need to 'activate' the session that is created by our scanner page. Go to, follow the wizard and let your Dymo label printer print an identification ticket. Scan the qr-code with your scanner and post the credentials back to Paydro.

Data[event_id]  = UUID
Data[identification] = UUID scanned from the qr-code

Save the UUID obtained from the qr-code and use it to identify all following API calls. This is only needed to use in conjunction with the interface.


Get a list of the latests checkins by a specific scanner.

Public call:[event-id]/acs/checkins.json.

To use this endpoint you have to get at least a scan_id and scanner_id, which you can obtain through the /identification.json endpoint. Poll this endpoint multiple times per second to automatically receive the latest scans.

scan_id = number // The id of the last known checkin or identification ticket.
scanner_id = scanner UUID

Checkin attendee

Scan a single ticket

Public call:[event-id]/acs/scan.json.


data[Scan][scan] = 11 or 13 characters
data[Scan][scanner_id] = UUID
data[Scan][qr_code] = true or false           // Show qr-code on label
data[Scan][print] = true or false             // Print label on checkin

Checkout attendee

Checkout attendee

Private call:[event-id]/acs/checkout.json.


data[OrderLine][id] = UUID         //  OrderLine id 

Print label

Print a label with a custom name and company. Not linked to a specific order/attendee.

Public call:[event-id]/acs/print_ticket.json.

data[Scan][name] = Given name
data[Scan][company] = (optional) company name
data[Scan][code] = (optional) QRCode value
data[Scan][qr_code] = true or false
data[Scan][print] = true or false
data[Scan][scanner_id] = UUID