How do online Payments work?

When your customer chooses to pay an order with Credit Card or iDeal or any other online payment option, Paydro will receive the funds. After the event Paydro sends the online funds to your bank account.

Where is your money

When your customer pays for the tickets, We handle all the security and transfers between the many different banks, countries, systems and Credit Card companies.

We hold the funds of all Paydro customers in escrow. This makes it really easy to refund for instance.

After the event, Paydro makes a request to transfer the funds from the escrow to the Paydro Thrust Bank Account.

Paydro sends the funds to you from the Thrust Account.

With this legal setup, you are guaranteed to receive your money from the online paid orders.

Why can't I receive my money directly?

Basically Credit Card companies do not allow us to do so and we don't want to. Because all Paydro customers use our online Payments Account, we are eligible for all transactions. By making sure the event has taken place before we transfer the funds, we'll make sure you'll always receive your money.