Get started with your event shop

  1. Add Event

    Go to the Events Overview, by clicking on Events in the top left menu. Click on the plus icon. Only Admins and Managers have permission to create an event and will see the button.

  2. Continue the step by step instructions on screen

    And fill the required information such as location and date of the event.

  3. Next, you end up in the shop

    Where you can add tickets. Paydro has an interactive instruction guide in the shop to guide you through this process. Once you've filled out all required information you can continue.

  4. Test shop

    Place a couple, free of charge, test orders to check if everything is okay.

  5. Open your shop

    Once you are totally satisfied, you can open your shop. After you've opened your shop, your customers can buy tickets.

Duplicate event

Select one of your events. Go to Ticketshop and click on 'Duplicate event'.

Stay informed about your events

Paydro want's to be as transparent as possible about what it sent to your customers. You'll receive a copy (bcc) of all automated emails. The email address in the contact information is used for this.

If you want to stay informed on the email address of your own Paydro account. On the dashboard of one of your events, click on the icon. It will change to an icon. From now on you'll receive the same bcc emails. Click it again to stop following the event. You can follow as many event as you like.