Paydro supports a wide range of payment options

By offering multiple payment options to your customer you will increase your sales.

For Payment Options

  1. From the events overview page find and click your event.

  2. From the main menu click Ticketshop and go to Settings in the sidemenu.

  3. Here you can configure your Payment Options.

Invoice payments

We recommend you to enable invoice payment when you organise a business or international event. Many companies can't pay online or require an invoice first to create a Purchase Order Number.

    Only allow Invoice Payments with a minimum payment amount

    In case you want to minimise your overhead, you can set a minimum order amount. For instance any order with an amount lower than € / $ 100,- can only be paid online.

    Invoice reminders

    Reminders for unpaid invoice are sent automatically up to six times. Once every 2 or 4 weeks, depending on your billing period.

    Handling fee

    The Paydro handling fee can either be included in the ticket price or charged to your customer.

    Send tickets along with the order or with the paid invoice

    By default Paydro sends the tickets along with the unpaid invoice. To disable this and only send the ticket once the payment is received.

    1. Go to the settings of your ticketshop.

    2. Click the invoice under the Payment Settings section

    3. Set the option to your linking under Send tickets along with invoice.