Repeating event

Use this feature for your ticketshop when you organize a monthly or weekly repeating event.

Fill in the different dates on which the event is repeated when you add a ticket to your ticketshop. This way there isn’t a long list of tickets with all the different dates. The ticketshop stays clear and easy to navigate.

  1. From the events overview page click the plus icon to create a new event.

  2. Follow the steps to create a new event.

  3. At "Step 2: Date" you can specify that it is a repeating event.
    You don’t need to fill in a date.

  4. At "Step 5: Ticket" click on the big plus icon next to the word 'Tickets'.

  5. Create a ticket by filling out the form.

  6. A calendar allows you to specify how many tickets are available at different dates.

    If an event does not occur at a day you keep that field blank.

  7. You can add as many event days as you like.

  8. Click "Save." You now created a repeating ticket in your ticket shop.

Costumers select the type of ticket and the date they want to visit the event during the checkout.