Event Sponsors / Partners

Give your partners more exposure on the network by putting their logo's at the bottom of every page and highlighting attendees.

Adding a Partner

We recommend you to open the network and invite your attendees a couple days before the start of your event.

  1. From the event overview page find and click your event and go to `Tools`.

  2. From the left menu click Network.

  3. Click the Sponsors button.

  4. Click the Plus button.

  5. Fill out the form.

  6. Click Add Partner.

Associating an attendee with a Partner

This allows the attendee to manage the partner page. This includes changing the Partner' website, color, description, ect.

  1. Find and click the Partner on the Partner overview screen.

  2. Click Edit relations.

  3. Find and check the checkbox for the person you want to associate with the Partner.

    In case the person isn't available in the list, ask them to login to the event network.

  4. Click Edit relations.

  5. The associated Attendee will now be able to edit the Partner Info from within the network.