Orders paid by invoice

Invoices are paid to your own bank account. Paydro can't check your account. We recommend you to check your account every Tuesday.

In case there are any outstanding invoices, Paydro will send a payment reminder to one of your customer. You'll get a quick heads up on Tuesday as well.

Mark an invoice order as paid

  1. Find and click the order, on the orders overview page.

  2. Click Payment received.

  3. The order is labeled green.

  4. A payment received confirmation email is sent to your customer, along with the tickets.

Your customer wants to pay online

  1. Resend the order to your customer ( in case they don't have the registration email anymore).

  2. In the default email, there will be a link to the self service page. This link is also available in the attached PDF.

  3. At the top of the self service page, your customer can choose to pay the invoice online.

  4. Once paid, the order will be labeled green, with the appropriate payment method.

  5. The Paydro fees are recalculated.

  6. The customer will receive a confirmation email about the payment.