In case you don't want to refund your customers, you can use the Refund & Voucher option.

Cancel & Voucher

  1. Find and click the order, on the orders overview page.

  2. Click cancel & voucher.

  3. A voucher is created and sent to your customer.

  4. The Voucher is the same amount as the total of the Order.

  5. No credit invoice is created and no refunds are made.

  6. The attendees are removed from the list.

Voucher restrictions

When you voucher an order, the voucher will always be for the full amount.

When you refund an order and the order is (partially) paid with a voucher. A new voucher is sent.

A voucher can be used for any other event you organize.

In case the voucher is worth more than the order amount, a new voucher is sent with the remaining amount.

Only one voucher can be used per order.