Promo codes

With promo codes you can make hidden tickets available, which are not shown to regular customers. Use promo codes to set a different price for any product or make a private event accessible.

Adding promo codes

  1. From the event overview page find and click your event.

  2. From the main menu click Ticket shop and go to Promo codes (side menu).

  3. Click on the plus icon.

  4. Click New promo code.

  5. Fill out the information.

  6. Click Save.

  7. The new promo code is added.

Delete / disable promo codes

  1. On the promo codes overview page, find and click the promocode.

  2. Click Disable promo code for an used code.

  3. - or - Click Delete promo code for an unused code.

  4. Confirm your action and the code is deleted/disabled.

  5. Deleted codes are removed from the overview.

  6. Disabled codes are indicated as Disabled on the overview and can be re-enabled.

Promo code options


This is the promo code, only numbers and letters are allowed.


Set how many times a specific code can be used.

Hide other products

Show only the products made available with this code. All other products will be hidden. This is a great way to clean up your shop.

Tickets made available with this promo code

Check the checkbox to include the product in the list.

Amount pull down menu

Choose from 1 to unlimited number of tickets. When the promo code is used by your customer this is the maximum amount of tickets they can buy of this type.

Custom price

Set a different price for the ticket when the code is used.