Promocode Links

High conversion is key to a successful event shop. Showing a promocode / discount / coupon code field on the shop is a known conversion killer. Customers will google on a promocode for your event, or call you to get a better deal. Paydro has a solution for this.

All promocodes have a unique link. This makes it very easy to use promocodes in emails or track referring sites. Your customers click the link and they'll see the hidden tickets or custom prices. It also allows you to hide the promocode field, optimizing your conversion.

You can also extend the promocode links with Google Analytics campaign tracking information.

Enabling / Disabling the promocode field

  1. From the event overview page find and click your event.

  2. From the main menu click ticket shop and go to `Promocodes`.

  3. At the Show promocode field section, set the slider Hide