Gather more attendee information

By default your customers are asked to fill out their First Name, Last Name, Email address and optionally Telephone number, for every registration. Feel free to experiment, you can always change or remove questions.

Adding extra questions to your signup form

  1. Go to the shop of one of your events.

  2. Click on name of the group (a side note appears, saying Options & Questions).

  3. Click the Add question button.

  4. A popup screen opens to add the extra question.

Extra question options and fields


What you ask your attendee.


This determines what the field will look like and sets restrictions and rules about what can be entered.

Field must be filled out

Your customer must fill out this question, before they can finalize the order.

Show answer on ticket

The question and the answer is put on the PDF ticket. This can be used as a quick reminder, for instance for workshops.

Customers can't change this answer on self service

In some cases you want to lock the answer, in case you have limited availability for instance.

Changing questions during sales

You may change the extra questions at any time, even when you already have sold the product. All information your customers filled out is still available on the order details page and in the exports.