Ticket options


This is the amount of tickets you have available. When you set this to 100 for instance, you can sell up to 100 tickets of this type.

Keep in shop when sold out

Even though tickets can't be bought, your customers will see the tickets in the shop. You might want this, to make it easy to compare regular and discount prices. Or to indicate that certain dates are sold out.

Maximum tickets pe order

How many tickets per order a person can buy.

Tickets sales starts - ends

This is the start and end date of the period in which the ticket is shown in the shop. Only within this time period your customers can buy this ticket. You can choose a start date in the future, to automatically make different tickets.

Price - VAT

Per ticket you can choose to use the default VAT percentage or set a custom percentage.


Show or hide a ticket by default.


Indicated whether you or the customer pays the Paydro transaction fee.