“The first Paydro event shop was our own.”

11 years ago we organised our first conference. For people who love the internet as much as we do.
Welcome to Paydro

When our conference started growing in attendees, we needed a ticketing solution that allowed us to sell faster, more effectively, and to an international business audience. For two years we struggled to find a good solution, and when we came to the conclusion that such a service didn’t exist, we decided to build it ourselves. This was the start of Paydro.
The concept was easy: be able to easily create new event shops, customize the design, send emails, have discount options, spend as little time as possible on the registration and last but not least, open it up for other customers. We’re proud to say that our first customer, who signed up in March 2009, is still with us.
Our goal is to create the best online ticket service, that makes it easy and fun to start, build and grow your events. We want to help people around the world achieve their goals and dreams, inspire, entertain, and get a new insight that might change their lives or the course of history. And we can’t wait for you to be a part of our journey.