Paydro's cookie policy

1. Paydro

1.1 Paydro

Welcome to Paydro, we make selling tickets easy! We are a ticketing platform made to organize business events. Through our services we enable people to easily organize events and arrange their ticketing.

Paydro respects your privacy. National laws and the services we provide oblige us to collect some of your Personal Data, which are needed to complete financial transactions. We will not rent or sell your Personal Data to third parties. Although there are some circumstances in which some of your Personal Data can be shared with third parties under strict restrictions.

1.2 Paydro’s services

Paydro’s websites and domains, including and all of the webpages, subdomains and various subparts of those websites (collectively, “Site”), all of the services available on or through the Site or otherwise provided by us and including the mobile applications. We refer to all of these as our “Services”. Paydro B.V is the responsible party or data controller with respect to Personal Data collected throughout our Services. If you have any questions or concerns at any time then please do not hesitate to contact us.

1.3 Users

Through Paydro’s services Paydro provides an easy and simple mean to register users who organize events, create event registration, send out mailings, set up a ticket shop and sell tickets. We refer to Organizers, Attendees and other visitors and users of Paydro’s services collectively as “Users”.

2. What are cookies?

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is usually a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in your web browser while you are browsing a website. When you are browsing the same website in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the website to notify the website of your previous activity.

3. Our Cookie Policy

3.1 Application

This Cookie Policy shows our policy with respect to information, including information that can be associated with a specific person and can be used by use to identify that person (collectively called, “Personal Data”), that is collected by us from Users through cookies, pixel tags, local shared objects, web storage and similar technologies.

3.2 Incorporation by Reference

This Cookie Policy is also incorporated by reference into our Privacy Policy, which sets forth our Privacy Policy with respect to the use, collection, transfer, disclosure and storage of information, which may include Personal Data that is collected from Users. Nothing in this Cookie Policy can be used to waive, modify, amend or rescind any term in the Privacy Policy.

3.3 Consent to this Cookie Policy

By using Paydro’s services you are consenting to the use of the technologies described in this Cookie Policy to collect Personal Data and Non-Personal Data. You also consent to the storage of this information on your web browser or device as described in this Cookie Policy.

4. How Paydro uses Cookies

Paydro uses cookies to provide its services to you Organizers, Attendees and Visitors. The cookies enable you to buy tickets for events of the organizers, provide insight into how our services are used, provide support, integrate with social media and improve our service to our customers (the event organizers). Without Cookies Paydro will not be able to provide the high quality we are currently providing. Next to the Cookies that we use to make Paydro’s services work optimally, we also use third party software like Google Analytics and similar technologies. We use these technologies to gain insights in how Paydro’s services are used by the Users and provide analytical information for marketing purposes. This Cookie Policy describes of Paydro’s services that use Cookies, pixel tags, local shared objects, web storage and similar technologies. For buying and selling of tickets through Paydro’s services. It is up to the Users which of Paydro’s services they use and hence how they share Information through Cookies and similar technologies.

The privacy of our Users is important to us, therefore we take this to heart when using cookies. Our use of Cookies is in line with applicable European laws and regulations.

5. What type of Cookies does Paydro use

5.1 Cookies

Cookies can be session cookies (these last only for one browser session) or persistent cookies (these continue on your browser until they are deleted). You can manage these cookies through the options given in your web browser. Within these options you can enable receiving notifications when you receive new cookies, disable cookies or delete cookies. Please refer to the help section of the web browser that you are using for more information on how you can do this.

5.2 Pixel Tags

Pixel tags don’t store information in your web browser, on your mobile device or computer (although they can be downloaded on your computer if contained in an email or other downloadable content). So Pixel tags cannot be managed by you, except by deleting the content in which the tag is contained.

5.3 Local Shared Objects

Local shared objects are stored on you mobile device or computer. You can learn how to manage the storage and privacy settings of local shared objects by clicking here.

5.4 Web Storage

Web storage of HTML5 Local Storage is an industry-standard data storage technology that is implemented by all types of Internet browser providers. In the help of your web browser you can find out how to manage the settings for Web Storage.

6. What does Paydro use these technologies for?

6.1 Essential Use

Use of these technologies is essential for the operation of Paydro’s services. We may use Cookies to determine where to route your traffic to distribute the Site workload across multiple servers.

6.2 Analytics/Performance

We use these technologies to monitor Paydro’s services and to analyze the use of Paydro’s services by our Users. We may place cookies that allow us to measure the time of your requests to our servers and our response, A/B test new features, track activities on Paydro’s services, track the places form which you got to Paydro’s services and record statistics about site usage.

We may also use cookies from third parties to collect information about the behaviour of visitors in Paydro’s services for Analytics/Performance purposes.

6.3 Functionality

Paydro uses these technologies to provide certain functionalities within Paydro’s services and remember your preferences.

6.4 Advertising

Paydro uses these technologies to deliver advertisements through Paydro’s services and off Paydro’s services. By using these technologies we can tailor these advertisements to your interests.

7. Alterations to the Cookie Policy

Paydro reserves the right to amend this Cookie Policy. Any changes will be published on this page. We recommend that you consult regularly to this Cookie Statement so you are always aware of the contents of the applicable Cookie Policy.