Check-in with a ticket scanner

How Jessica quickly checks-in her visitors using the ticket scanner

The days and hours before an event can be very busy. Most of the time there are a lot of last minute things to manage, this isn’t any different with Jessica. With our ticket scanner, however, Jessica takes away a great work load because the scanner is directly connected with the Paydro ticket system and ticket shop.
Paydro iOS app and dymo label printer

“With the ticket scanner iOS app from Paydro I easily check-in my visitors. By pointing the camera at the barcode on the e-ticket the app shows a green screen when everything is ok. The ticket scanner is easy to operate and the free app works on any iPhone, iPod or iPad.

“The most useful feature of the ticket scanner is that a personal sticker is printed immediately after scanning a ticket. This means I don’t need to print, sort and search trough all the badges to find the right one; I just print the sticker on the spot and put it on a standard badge. This way I avoid queues at the door. This is great when I have to welcome hundreds of people at my event.

“With or without internet access on site, visitor registration must always be able to continue. At Paydro this is well taken care of. With the ticket scanner app and the laptop there is always a way to check e-tickets at the door.”

Jessica's tip:

Visitors don’t need to print their ticket. Both the app and the laser scanner can scan the barcode from a phone screen. This saves paper and reduces waste after the visitor registration.

How Paydro helped at the event

The days and hours before the event are always a bit chaotic. There are so many last minute things to take care of. I now have time to take care of these things, as the badge printer saves me so much time.

Entry management

Scan the attendee ticket with your iPhone and automatically print their name badge label.


Attendees can see who else is at the event and invite them for a meeting.

Altijd up-to-date

The self service desk makes it easy for attendees to change their names.