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How Jessica easily creates her own ticketshop

When Jessica arranged a location for her event, she created a ticketshop with Paydro.
Organize your event in a cafe with Paydro

“The number of visitors attending my events grows every year. I like to use Paydro because the process is always the same, whether I organize an event with 100 attendees or 10,000 attendees. I create a ticketshop and add my early bird tickets and regular tickets with the correct information. My shop is ready to sell tickets online within minutes.

“Sometimes I copy my Paydro ticketshop from a previous event. Setup is even faster this way. When I use ""copy the shop is ready in seconds! I'm still able to make some adjustments, but in general I re-use texts, e-tickets and settings from a previous event in my new ticketshop.

“Often I want to know specifics from my guests, or when ticket sales are behind on target I want to be able to offer a special deal. Again the ticket system helps me. I can easily add a question to the sign-in form or add a hidden ticket in the shop. I can add these things at any time. The possibility for these last minute changes makes Paydro such a nice online ticketing tool.”

Jessica's tips:

I use different types of tickets for different audiences. In addition to early bird tickets and regular tickets I also offer group tickets. These give you a discount when you purchase 5 tickets at once. Last year I even sold my conference stands and sponsorship packages using the Paydro ticket shop.

Use a beautiful photo, your company colors and a nice text content to create your ticket shop. Paydro ensures that your online shop looks nice and professional. There is no need for a designer. A good looking ticketshop generates more sales.

Sell your tickets the easy way

Sketched laptop with Paydro shop widget
Sell your tickets on any website

It is easy to turn your website into an event shop, with just a few clicks.

No design skills needed

Create a beautiful shop that sells.