Evaluate event

How Jessica evaluates her events

When an event is finished and all visitors left, Jessica still has to finish up of a lot of things. She wants to know what attendees think of the event and Paydro keeps assisting her, even after the event.
Jessica organizing her event from a cafe

“After the event I usually thank my guests by sending them an email. I bring them up to speed about the next events and networking opportunities. The Paydro ticket system helps me to send a personalized thank you-mail to all attendees. I often include a survey in this mail. Paydro developed a standard survey I can include easily. I can customize it and add questions when needed.

“I also regurarly get refund requests, for example when visitors failed to attend the event. Money refund is just as easily refunded as received with the Paydro ticket system. I check my registrations for the use of the e-ticket and when the e-ticket isn't used I can let Paydro refund the money in one simple click of a button.

“At most of my events I offer an invoice option to pay for the ticktes. Paydro keeps sending payment reminders about open invoices automatically. Even when the event is over. This is again very helpful, it saves me a lot of time.”

Jessica's tips:

After my last event I referred back to the network function in my communications. I noticed a lot of traffic to the network page and many of my visitors came in contact with each other even after the event. A great way to reconnect with fellow attendees if you ask me!

After my event I export an Excel file from Paydro with all user data and preferences. I can analyze this data with Excel and I keep the contact information for future events. I can always re-engage with these people by mail.

How Paydro helped after the event

For our event we needed an option for invoice payments. Most businesses still can't pay with a credit card, or need a purchase order first. Fortunately Paydro takes care of the payment reminders for us.


Re-engaging attendees by reminding them about the networking space to connect with fellow atendees.

Send a thank you mail

Send a thank you mail to all attendees with the integrated mailing tool.

Automatic invoice reminders

Paydro keeps sending invoice reminders, even after the event has taken place.