Attendee survey

Get useful information about your event through a visitor survey

By doing a visitor survey after the event you get to know exactly how your visitors think about your event. This can provide very useful insights. Which you can use during your next event.

Visitors research is one of the most important aspects in order to evaluate your event properly. What did attendees think about the food? Were the speakers interesting? What was still missing during the event? All questions that you'd like to get feedback on.

Surveys by Paydro

By creating a survey using Paydro you can ask for feedback on all the questions you have. Visitors are asked rate up to 10 different aspects of your event. Visitors can also give general feedback on the event, highlight positive experiences and express negative experiences.

The short survey can be filled in within a few minutes, but produces more than enough information for the organization to evaluate properly.

Overall rating

Paydro automatically combines all the reviews and shows the average ratings for your event. So you know how visitors generally rate your event, which aspects were positive and what can be improved.

The survey can be accessed through a link. You can share this link any way you like. The integrated Paydro mailing is a very easy tool to contact all you attendees afterwards. Paydro has an overview of all people you checked in during the event.

Paydro feature overview