Extra questions

Gather extra information on your visitors by adding questions during registration

Paydro asks for standard personal information about a visitor for the e-ticket. But it is also possible to request additional information by adding more question to the sign in form. You can ask for any information using our tool. You can ask about workshop preferences, diner choices, arrival times or favorite colors for example. Everything is possible and you can add it yourself.

You can ask for different types of answers:

Useful for asking questions that have a compact response, such as occupation or an user ID
Email field
To ask for an additional email address. Paydro checks if the input is a valid email address.
Date field
Useful when asking about a date of birth for example.
Time fieldset
Useful when asking about an expected arrival time for example.
Datum en tijd
Een datum & tijd veld.
Numbers field
Useful when asking a question which must be answered by a number. Paydro checks if the input is valid.
Large textfield
Useful when asking an open question and you expect the answer to be more extensive than some words. The textfield shows a lot of space to elaborate.
Useful when asking a closed question. For example questions with a yes or no answer, or only 4 answer option.
Dropdown menu
Useful when asking a question and your visitors have to choose one option out of many. For example to fill in a shirt size or diner choice.

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