A network environment is importants

Being able to grow your network is very important at business events. Paydro integrated a network platform into the ticketing system to make it easy for visitors to get in touch with other participants or schedule a meeting during the event.

The main purpose of business events is to built as many network relationships as possible and maintain them during the event. A special area for this purpose is often created during the event. However, to facilitate and encourage the network relations in advance is often more difficult. Paydro solves this with a network environment integrated into the ticketshop.

Simple network environment in your ticketshop

Each ticketshop comes with it’s own network environment. You can activate and open the environment by yourself. When it is activated participants can log in using LinkedIn. General information is stored like biography, current job and avatar. This information than is also available to the organizer.

Plan a meeting using the network environment

Participants may contact each other using the network environment and plan a meeting during the event. Participant can share times they are available, other participants can then apply and contact them to make an appointment.

Paydro feature overview