Self-service desk

Customers can change their personal information on a self-service page

By using their self-service page customers can change all invoice and personal information. They can edit their billing adres, Chamber of Commerce number or official company name. There is no need for them to contact you. This saves you a lot of time on support. Those small changes can be done manually by the customer.

Cancel or change tickets

Customers ar unable to cancel orders or change ticket types using the self-service desk. The status of an order can’t be changed. Only the information in the order is editable by customers.

When the customer isn’t able to attent the event he or she can can change the name and email adres at the ticket and resend it by mail to the new visitor or download the ticket with the new information.

Online payment

When a customer first chooses to pay by invoice and later changes it’s mind the self-service page makes it possible to pay using an other online payment option. If a Sales Agent created an order for a customer the selfservice page is also the place to get the online payment taken care of.

Paydro feature overview