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Paydro is a fast growing online service to professionally organise events and sell tickets in a few clicks, typically in the business to business market. With our small team we thrive hard to become the number one player in the B2B market.

Interested in becoming part of this goal and make a difference for a lot of people in the event business? See the list of opportunities below.

5 reasons to join Paydro

  1. You are going to work with a highly motivated team, striving to make a difference in the event market.
  2. We’re a startup which means you do many different tasks in a company. Designer that also loves to code? Go ahead!
  3. You can have an impact on ten-thousands of customers and consumers.
  4. We embrace failure. Just make sure that you learn something from it.
  5. Healthy lunches and lots of beer, do we need to say more?