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How Jessica keeps track of her e-ticket sales

It's great when a lot of e-tickets are being sold. But keeping track of all these customers can be quite a challenge. Dashboards and charts provided by Paydro help Jessica keep a clear overview.
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“When I log into Paydro I see at a glance how many e-tickets I've sold and how much e-tickets are still available at my ticket shop. In addition, I integrated Google Analytics easily into my Paydro ticket shop. This way I can track where most of my traffic comes from, which media partner is selling the most and what AdWords convert best. I can get as extensive as I want!

“With Paydro I am always in control of my events, e-tickets and applications. The self-service tools allow me to make adjustments immediately in event descriptions, number of tickets or customer entries and let me re-send e-tickets when needed. I don’t need help with this and have complete control. When I can't figure things out, I contact Paydro. They are always there to help.

“The Paydro self-service tool works very convenient for me. But it also works as convenient for my visitors. They can customize information about their purchased e-tickets themselves at any time they like. For example, when they want to change the attendee name on their ticket, a billing address or want to customize their preferences. This way my visitor registration is always up to date without any extra work for me.”

Jessica's tip:

Early this year Paydro added a network option to all ticket shops. Attendees to the event can get in touch with each other and schedule meetings before the event. During my last event I tried this feature for the first time and I got very positive feedback from my visitors. The network option isn't suitable for all events, but for networking events I will certainly use it again.

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