Online network environment

How Jessica enables networking easily

For businesses, being able to network is an important reason to visit an event. Jessica wants to help visitors to easily get in touch with each other. Paydro created a nice solution to connect people.
Evenement evalueren

“The success of a business event often depends on the number of new contacts an attendee gained during that day. I want to help my guests connect. The online network environment makes it easy for participants to get in touch with other visitors and schedule a meeting even before the event started.

“Using the Paydro network environment isn’t difficult. Participants log in with their LinkedIn account and can contact each other online and schedule a meeting during the event. Visitors can share when they have time to meet others. Participants can than register for a meeting at these times.

“I received a lot of positive feedback to the network environment. Before the event my visitors can get the most out of their time and contact interesting visitors. Meeting each other face to face remains important and I've heard that some deals being closed and contacts gained at the event, started off with a message in the Paydro ticketshop.“

Jessica's tips:

I always try to find partners or sponsors for my events. I can give these companies extra visibility in the network environment. Employees are recognizable in the list and the companies get their own page for additional information.

After my event, I always refer back to the network environment in my thank you mail. This way my visitors can still contact each other even after the event. A great way to get in touch with people you didn't get to meet during the event if you ask me!

Plan a meetup online

Each ticketshop comes with it’s own network environment. You can activate and open the environment by yourself.

Add a meetingpoint

Easily let visitors meet up at a meetingpoint.

Show availability

A calendar shows when you are available to meet others.

Extra attention for partners

Use the network environment to give your sponsors additional visibility.