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How Jessica sells tickets online

Jessica easily creates a ticket shop with different e-tickets. She makes smart use of the online ticketing service from Paydro to realize more sales.
Organize your event in a cafe with Paydro

“You don’t need to create an account to buy an e-ticket. Therefore, purchasing a ticket using Paydro is very easy and fast. People just fill in the required information and receive their ticket automatically by email after payment. Everything is sent from my name, so it really looks like my own ticketing service.

“Payments are being handled by the Paydro ticketing service. This is one of the things I like about Paydro. Payments must be handled properly and safely and, as an event organizer, I have insufficient knowledge about these issues. Online payments can be made in many ways, for example with creditcards or PayPal. But also with local methods such as the Dutch iDeal, the German Sofort and Bancontact from Belgium.

“In addition to online payments it’s also possible to pay for tickets using an invoice. Not all companies have a creditcard and sometimes a purchase order is needed. Asking for an invoice is the easiest way to order tickets in these cases. Paydro sends the invoice on my behalf. I receive the payment directly on my bankaccount."

Jessica's tips:

Sell your e-tickets on your own website using widgets. It takes my technical guy about 5 minutes to implement the ticket shop on my own websites using the codes from Paydro. My visitors find this very easy and I think it looks very professional. I’m selling my own e-tickets through a ticket shop on my own website.

I always make sure there is a laptop available at the event entrance or a mobile landing page so people without tickets can easily buy an e-ticket online using Paydro. When I sell a ticket online I have no hassle with payments and visitors instantly receive the e-ticket by mail.

Put the ticketshop on your site

Sketched laptop with Paydro shop widget
Sell your tickets on any website

With just a few clicks you turn your website into an event shop.

No design skills needed

Create a beautiful shop that sells.