What did they like about your event?

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Measure how likely attendees will recommend your event

Attendees can rate how likely it is that they will recommend you to other people. 1 being the lowest score and 10 being the highest. After the results are in you can see the Net Promoter Score for your event and even how you can improve your score.

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Make it fun for attendees to rate your event

Attendees can also rate individual aspects of your event. That way you can see how each of these aspects have scored and thus what can be improved.


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More reasons to use our survey

Star ratings

See how individual aspects of your event scored and learn what you can improve for your next event.

Measure NPS

Measure how likely attendees will promote or recommend your event.

Likes & dislikes

See what attendees liked or disliked about your event and learn how you can improve.

Custom survey

Test your survey and edit if necessary.

Finished within minutes

Creating your own survey will take just a couple of minutes.

No charge

Did we already mention our survey is free?

Let's you find out how people liked your event.