Paydro is everything you need to sell tickets

Every event needs a way to sell tickets, collect credit card & invoice payments, refund orders, print name badges, send promotion emails, manage who enters the event, stay within budget, and keep track of last minute attendee changes.

Create your own ticketshop

Customize design
Create a seamless experience between your promotions site, emails, and Paydro shop.
Extra questions
Gather extra information on registration. Such as workshops, Date of Birth etc.
Give discounts or show the hidden ticket in the shop.
Hide promocode field
By hiding this, you save many calls and emails from customers asking for a discount.
Promocode links
Mail promocodes in a link. Hide promocode from the shop, to streamline sales.
Repeating event
Create just 1 ticket for an event which is organized regularly
Hidden tickets
Hide special deals from regular customers.
Sell a booth with 5 full event passes in one combined price. Fill out the details later.
Personal emails
All emails can be personalized with almost any information from the order.
Invoice payments
Boost your sales by 20% - 40% just by offering invoice payments.
No training needed
We are pretty sure you'll be surprised how easy it is to use Paydro. If you need help, give us a call, 7 days a week.
Welcome to a Paydro event

Ticketshop promotion

Promote your ticketshop via social media, personal mails and purchase links

Personal emails
All emails can be personalized with almost any information from the order.
Schedule mailings
Send out the latest information or reminders, even when you are not there.
Let your attendees connect with each other before the event starts.
Super short form
Paydro asks the bare minimum to complete the order.
No user account
Customers don't have to create an account to finish the order.
Social invites
Let your customers promote your event on social networks.
Purchase links
Super easy pre-fill the registration form with customer information from any system.

Manage your attendees

Manage registrations as a sales team or let your customers do it themselves

Google Analytics
Measure where your traffic is coming from or which mailing made the most sales.
Google Adwords
Measure which Adwords campaign converted the most.
Sales team
Automatically track who made the sale.
Partner links
Automatically track sales per media partner.
Sold out notifications
Managing the ticket inventory has never been easier. Paydro emails you when a ticket is (almost) sold out.
Self-service desk
Customers can change all invoice and personal information on their self-service page. There is no need for them to contact you.
Affiliate page
Easily share the sales with your affiliates.
Always up-to-date
You are in the BCC of all email sent by Paydro to your customers. No surprises on unwanted marketing from us.


Easy entry management with iOS app or laptop

Fast entry checkin
Use your iPhone to check in your attendees.
E-Tickets from Paydro are always digital and scannable by phone.
Instant name badge label
Print name badge labels when you check in your attendees at the door.
Entry management
Entry management made easy by using a laptop with barcodescanner.

Event evaluation

Your event is over. What should you do now?

One-click refunds
You hit the refund button, Paydro sends a credit invoice and refunds the Credit Card.
Overdue reminders
Paydro sends payment reminders every two or four weeks, for overdue invoices.
Attendee survey
Ask attendees to give you feedback by inviting them to fill out a survey.
Thank you mail
Send automatically a thank you mail to all attendees when your event is finished.